Javascript Blog Engine The Best Blog Engine for Javascript Apps

Javascript Blog Engine The Best Blog Engine for Javascript Apps

A default option runs if the switch value does not match any of the cases. A break statement must be used after each switch statement to exit the switch statement once a condition has been met or it will keep testing conditionals. The code in the default case runs when none of the other conditions are met. Array – A variable of this type is a list of values enclosed in braces and separated by commas. Arrays in JavaScript are zero-based, meaning this index starts at 0.

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Your application calls our Content API and we return your content in JSON format. Of course, you can also use our Pages and Collections to do advanced content modeling. For a full integration guide, check out our Official Guide for the ButterCMS Javascript API client. Our mission was to make it easy to integrate Butter with your existing Javascript app in minutes. To demonstrate, here’s a mini tutorial to give you a feel for the process of adding Butter to your Javascript app. This blogger theme project provides effortless, free websites, blogs, portfolios, and galleries for everyone.

This blog is more applicable if you use DHTMLX, but even without, there is some value to be extracted here. Predictably, many of the blog’s articles are product updates or tutorials specifically for their product suite. However, there is a healthy amount of otherwise relevant but non-company promotional pieces.

java script blogger

Formerly employed by PayPal, he now creates educational material full-time for web developers. JavaScript and other programming languages use variables to store values. Above, in the syntax section, we reviewed the rules of creating names for variables. The following features of the JavaScript language are common to most programming languages, but how they handle them are different. It will help if those starting this tutorial have a basic understanding of HTTP Protocol and possess some knowledge of HTML and CSS. You can find introductory resources for these topics on Udemy’s website.

Writing your first JavaScript code

Posts are detailed and provide thorough explanations from start to finish. Articles are informative and thorough but hindered by occasional grammar mistakes and run-ons. JavaScript is used by almost every website on the internet, so I embarked on a quest to find the best active 5 Step Proven Process How to Outsource Software Development JavaScript blogs for programmers. Each of these sites demonstrates technical expertise, is relatively easy to comprehend, publishes content consistently, and has stood the test of time. Most of queries generally I got for placing AdSense Unit codes into blogger template.

Tech blogs often have daily posts that can help you learn basic knowledge of core developer skills like JavaScript. Ultimate Courses has plenty of recent articles with exercises, but also plenty of side- and in-text company promotions for their paid courses. Articles solely focus on technical application and do an excellent job of explaining concepts without being boring. They’re written well and provide plenty of information through text and code. Supporting links and images are abundant in the 1-5 articles they post per month.

As a front end developer, this is one of the best websites to follow because of its broad spectrum of technical knowledge. The 2ality blog is written by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer, a Munich-based web developer. Axel specializes in JavaScript and has been developing web applications since 1995. Since 2011, he has been blogging at and has written several books on JavaScript. The blog is a collection of hundreds of different Javascript commands, functions, and projects.

The blog is a collection of articles written solely by Rachel, many of which are hosted on Smashing Magazine or the Notist blog. However, they are widely applicable, and concentrate on programming, business, and conferences. Articles are professionally written, and Rachel’s points are articulate. The blog is published roughly once per month and has been since 2005. Though topics are beginner to intermediate-level, they are thoroughly explained with great detail and authority. Read articles about Vue.js, JavaScript, CSS, Test Driven Development, and Front-End Architecture in general.

java script blogger

Loops allow you to repeat a code block until it returns false. White space – White space comprises tabs, spaces, and newline characters. When using these alternative languages, your code is translated to Javascript then executed in the browser. The most popular environment you will find JavaScript outside of the browser is for NodeJS. NodeJS is a JavaScript engine that runs without a browser in a server environment.

Web Development Blogs

In this article, Wes Bos Blog is the most beginner-friendly JavaScript blog. The author, Wes Bos, is a 21-year-experience coding teacher and developer in website development. Being affected by his work, his articles are very close, detailed, and easy to understand. The best way to know more about a programming language is by learning from its creator. Brendan Eich, the father of JavaScript, has started a personal blog from 2004 until now. Tom writes about JavaScript and web development, and an assortment of topics.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience, Nicolas advocates a pragmatic use of Web technologies based on progressive enhancement. He writes about web performance, particularly responsive images, the JAMstack, and the IndieWeb. Brent Jackson is a frontend developer at Gatsby and writes about CSS, CSS-in-JS, and design systems. This type of loop is like a while loop, but will run a code block at least once, whether or not the specified condition is met. A while loop repeats a code block until a condition returns false. You would apply this when you do not have a specific number of desired loops or when you want to loop while a certain condition proves true.

  • This blog covers JavaScript as a programming language for developing smartphones, websites, artificial intelligence, robots, and desktops.
  • Bootcamps also offer career services to prepare you for the non-technical parts of finding a job in the field.
  • The blog has a huge collection of useful and in-depth articles which is a treasure trove for any web developer looking for blogs for programmers.
  • Boolean – A variable of this type can either be true or false.
  • Posts are detailed and provide thorough explanations from start to finish.

Images and supporting links are frequently used to boost content quality. Codeshare’s focus on video tutorials make it a great space to learn and enhance your skill set adding to its reputation as a highly engaging developer blog. Theodo is a software development consulting company that enlists teams of full-stack engineers to complete projects. Theodo’s in-house blog features programming and technical articles written by in-house engineers.

Components are the essential building blocks of any Javascript app, and ButterCMS handles them with ease. Translation Experience Easily manage all languages of your content in our easy to use UI. 📰 This repository is a demo from the article about how to build our own blog using Gatsby. Another plus point of this blog is that it is particularly impressive and good-looking.

JavaScript Tutorial: Learn the Basics

However, it is not necessary to know any of this to write JavaScript code. You can find JavaScript resources in various platforms such as books, websites, and forums where experienced web developers share tips and tricks. Another option to advance your JavaScript knowledge is to attend a coding bootcamp. The best part of this program is the hands-on learning system. After each concept is covered, you will engage in lots of practicals to help you grasp the subject.

If you are using third party JavaScript codes then make sure you have copied entire codes properly. Most of cases I found that they miss either the opening end-tag or both. As a result of which your all codes will appear on live webpage and shall not work properly. Ryan writes about Laravel, PHP, and working with JavaScript, especially Alpine.js. Christoph writes about JavaScript Infrastructure, Engineering Management and Developer Experience.

Ire writes about topics through the entire web development spectrum. Recent posts talk about React, creating live images, and working with Puppeteer on Netlify. She’s a frontend developer and UI designer from Lagos, Nigeria. You can enroll in a JavaScript bootcamp or a bootcamp with a front end program that covers JavaScript and other programming languages. There are a lot of benefits, such as affordability, flexibility, and in-depth JavaScript coverage. This organization is an excellent resource for JavaScript knowledge.

Luckily there is a workaround -change the javascript file into a text file, by changing the file extension from .js to .txt. Drop our Javascript blog engine into your app, and get back to more interesting problems. This platform offers guides to help you build, manage, analyze and secure Node.js applications. Developers can get updates on new applications and tools to help them in their line of work. This programming language supports everything and performs better than jQuery in many ways.

Internal JavaScript

2ality is a blog about JavaScript, web development and mobile computing . It’s written by Axel Rauschmayer, a software engineer based in Munich, Germany. Swizec writes about JavaScript, ReactJS, and technical skills that will boost your career. He also writes about data visualization with d3 and serverless development. Josh writes playful and interactive articles with a focus on React, Gatsby, CSS, and animation. Formerly employed by Gatsby, he recently went full-time to work on an interactive CSS course, built on his own course software.

Topics covered in depth include testing with Jest, Cypress and Alpine.js. Recent posts touch on server-side rendered React, optional chaining in JavaScript, and command line tips. Notes and thoughts about software development with a focus on JavaScript, React, and React Native ecosystem.

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